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Company secures $43.5 Million Dollar Contract using NovaMind Mindmapping Software

July 6, 2008

If there was any doubt that you could use mindmapping to secure major funding for a huge multifaceted project – that was put to rest when a company in England using NovaMind mindmapping software out-bid 312 competitors to be one of only 3 to receive funding for a major urban regeneration project.

Gideon King, Mindmapping Thought Leader and Founder of NovaMind, a major mindmapping software company, explains it this way: “This is a fascinating story because of the use of Mind Mapping in a very complex real world situation with a lot of people involved. It amply demonstrates the massive advantage you have when using NovaMind within your business.”

Using NovaMind, the business was able to out bid all others to win “…a multifaceted project with social, cultural, scientific, artistic, engineering, environmental and architectural dimensions.” 

To show you just how this was done, Gideon King, in an article on the project “…illustrates this by showing you through the Mind Maps that were created, as well as photos taken during the design process, sketches of the designs, and computer models of the finished project.”

Here are a few of the mindmaps that were created during the project:

Click on the mindmaps to enlarge:

To watch a video and download an article on the project click here.