The iPhone Mindmap: Seeing What the iPhone Can Do

As you probably know Apple, Inc. released its latest version of the iPhone on July 11, 2008 in the US.  

As an iPhone user I am just amazed at all the things this phone can do.  I thought a mindmap would be a great way to show all the features of the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, this mindmap let’s you see just how amazing your new phone really is.  

If you don’t have an iPhone (and you don’t have a problem with AT&T as they are the exclusive provider in the US), you REALLY need to consider getting one.

Whether people like it or not, this phone completely changes the game!

(Click on mindmap to enlarge)

To see the detailed descriptions for each feature under the Notes icon you will have to download the mindmap.

The MindManager file (.mmap) for this mindmap is available for download at  You will need MindManager Pro 7MindManager 7 for Mac or the free MindManager Viewer 7 to download the file.  

Click here to download mindmap.


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5 Responses to “The iPhone Mindmap: Seeing What the iPhone Can Do”

  1. The Mindjet Blog » A map of the new iPhone’s Features Says:

    […] you to customer Chance Brown of the Mindmap Blog for creating this cool MindManager map of the latest iPhone’s features! View it here, then […]

  2. Rob Says:

    Nice mindmap – when will this great application run on an iphone?

  3. Chance Brown Says:

    Hello Rob:

    Thanks for the positive feedback. As for when mindmapping will be on an iPhone, I don’t know. But with all the developers now developing for Apple’s App Store, I’m sure there’s some developer somewhere working on it! —Chance

  4. Mindmapping Comes to the iPhone! « The Mindmap Blog Says:

    […] a previous post I wrote about the iPhone being a game-changer.  I also created an iPhone mindmap to illustrate the […]

  5. Mindberry Says:

    Iphone is so cool, i’m sure the iphone users will happy with this. As a BlackBerry user I’m looking for a mindmapping software running on my phone. MindBerry at seems to be a fine software and going to be released soon. I’m sure i will happy to have it

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