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Mindjet Mindmapping Templates: Helping You Get Started

July 9, 2008

If you are new to mindmapping you might find it challenging getting started once you’ve purchased your mindmapping software. 

Fortunately there are a wide range of mindmapping templates that can help.

Mindjet, the maker of MindManager, has a wide range of business, educational, and personal productivity templates that you can adapt to your needs.  

These templates are great because they give you ideas about what’s possible with mindmapping.  They also help you speed up the mindmap creation process –  so you can start increasing productivity immediately.

Here are some of the templates that Mindjet offers on their site for download:

Project Management:

Process Improvement:


Strategic Planning:


Student Productivity:

Teacher Productivity:

To download these templates and start using them immediately with MindManager Pro 7 for Windows or MindManager 7 for Mac, click here.


The Mindmapping of Adam Sicinski: Mindmapping as an Art Form

July 7, 2008

Recently I was exposed to the mindmapping of Adam Sicinski.  I have to tell you that Adam’s mindmapping is more than mindmapping – it is art.  Adam reached out to me via the MindManager Enthusiasts Network.  And I am glad that he did.

An objective of this blog, in addition to business and education mindmapping, is mindmapping that helps you in your everyday life.  

The Mindmapping of Adam Sicinski certainly does that.  You can look at his mindmaps for hours and learn all kinds of things.

One mindmap that I found particularly powerful was his mindmap entitled “Strategic Questioning”.  

Click on the mindmap to enlarge:

I firmly believe that it is the questions we ask ourselves that largely determine the trajectory of our lives.

For example, you could say “Why do I have such rotten luck?” or you could say “How can I successfully overcome this?”  Both are questions.  

But the former keeps you where you are and limits your possibilities.  Whereas the latter expands your thinking and drives you to find a solution.

So questions are powerful and we must be careful of the questions we ask ourselves.  Adam covers both the “weak” and “strong” questions on his mindmap.  I encourage you to download this and other mindmaps from his site.

To download PDF versions of his mindmaps click here.

Company secures $43.5 Million Dollar Contract using NovaMind Mindmapping Software

July 6, 2008

If there was any doubt that you could use mindmapping to secure major funding for a huge multifaceted project – that was put to rest when a company in England using NovaMind mindmapping software out-bid 312 competitors to be one of only 3 to receive funding for a major urban regeneration project.

Gideon King, Mindmapping Thought Leader and Founder of NovaMind, a major mindmapping software company, explains it this way: “This is a fascinating story because of the use of Mind Mapping in a very complex real world situation with a lot of people involved. It amply demonstrates the massive advantage you have when using NovaMind within your business.”

Using NovaMind, the business was able to out bid all others to win “…a multifaceted project with social, cultural, scientific, artistic, engineering, environmental and architectural dimensions.” 

To show you just how this was done, Gideon King, in an article on the project “…illustrates this by showing you through the Mind Maps that were created, as well as photos taken during the design process, sketches of the designs, and computer models of the finished project.”

Here are a few of the mindmaps that were created during the project:

Click on the mindmaps to enlarge:

To watch a video and download an article on the project click here.

Cisco WebEx Achieves Business Results with Mindjet Mindmapping Software

July 5, 2008

For business executives in any business, before they use mindmapping they need one simple question answered: “How will this help me improve my bottom line?”

Stu Schmidt, Vice President for professional services at Cisco WebEx, is no different.  He asked how mindmapping could improve his bottom line and then developed a solution with Mindjet MindManager that showed it could. 

According to a business case study that focused on how WebEx incorporated MindManager into their business processes: “To WebEx’s professional services division, sales is the process of developing trust, demonstrating capability, and truly listening to the customer to learn about their needs – before developing a solution that produces business results.  WebEx uses MindJet MindManager at every step of the sales process – from the initial engagement, to inking the deal, to delivering the right solution.”

But before developing this mindmapping solution WebEx had a business challenge, according to the case study:

  • “To shorten sales cycles by ensuring that potential customers’ needs are captured accurately and correctly communicated to internal resources.”

With MindJet MindManager they developed a solution:

  • “WebEx uses MindManager to map clients’ needs before and after the sale to develop solutions that are on target in helping them solve their key challenges.”

And now they achieve specific business results:

  • “Improved customer engagement, shorter “time to trust”, and improved internal communications lead to significantly reduced sales cycles for this market leading company.”

In the 2-page case study you can learn more about how they:

  • Defined the common challenge of decreasing sales cycles and improving close rates
  • Improved sales process and customer collaboration
  • Created a requirements validation and customer sign off process

Here is their client facing MindManager mindmap used in all client engagements.  Click mindmap to enlarge:

Click here to read the 2-page case study.

A Great Video by NovaMind: Helping You Understand Mindmapping

July 4, 2008

Gideon King, Mindmapping Thought Leader and Founder of NovaMind, a major mindmapping software company, has created perhaps the best presentation on understanding the structure, purpose and benefits of mindmapping.  

His video gives you a very clear understanding of mindmapping and how it can improve your personal and professional life.  

You’ll also love the NovaMind presentation tool!

Click here for the video.

What Smart Students Know: Maximum Grades. Optimum Learning. Minimum Time.

July 3, 2008

In 1993 Adam Robinson, Co-founder of the Princeton Review, wrote a book called What Smart Students Know. The remarkable thing about this book is that it shows students (and anyone interested in learning) how to take full control of their education.  

For me, mindmapping is like that.  With mindmapping you take control of information and manipulate, reuse, and visually represent it anyway you like.

Similarly, this book is about taking control of your education.  As Adam Robinson put it, “I wrote it to show you how to improve your grades by mastering an entirely new way to learn.”  Think about that: “…an entirely new way to learn.”

Many of us believe that a teacher teaches us.  But learning is not determined by the teacher, it is determined by the student. If the student is active and engaged, the student will learn from the teacher.

But if the student is distracted and not engaged, the teacher will teach, but the student will not learn.  

What is so remarkable and “new” about Adam Robinson’s book is that he shows the student how to leverage techniques, strategies, and approaches that enable them to learn – with or without a teacher.  He shares these empowering strategies through 12 principles.

I created a mindmap to capture these 12 principles and what they mean.  If they resonate for you, pick up the book immediately and read it.  If they don’t, by all means find something that causes you to be an active learner and not a passive observer.  In the end, we have to find resources that work for us.  As someone who did well in high school, college, and graduate school, I can tell you from personal experience – these principles worked for me.

Click on the mindmap to enlarge and read the 12 principles:

If you have MindManager 7 or the MindManager Viewer 7 (which is a free download) you can view the notes that are a part of this mindmap.  I encourage you to download this mindmap and read the informative notes by Adam Robinson on each principle.

The MindManager file (.mmap) for this mindmap is available for download at  Click here to download.

Using MindManager to Meet Business Needs

July 2, 2008

In my efforts as a Mindmapping Consultant to help clients better understand how MindManger can help them meet their business needs, I decided to create a mindmap to illustrate what MindManger can do.

This mindmap covers the following:

  • What is a MindManager Mindmap?
  • Benefits of a MindManager Mindmap
  • MindManager Integration with other Productivity Tools
  • Using MindManager Mindmaps to Increase Business Effectiveness – Examples

Click on the Mindmap to Enlarge and view the subtopics:


If you have MindManager 7 or the MindManager Viewer 7 (which is a free download) you can view all the subtopics, notes, website links, and mindmap links that are a part of this mindmap.

I have made the MindManager file (.mmap) for this mindmap available for download at  Click here to download.


The Many Uses of Mindmapping: Mindjet’s Interactive Videos

July 1, 2008

You ever heard of the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Mindmapping is a lot like that.  Many people don’t know what mindmapping is.  And those who do know often don’t know what it can do for them personally (at home or work).  

To help provide more clarity on what mindmapping can do for you, Mindjet, a leading mindmapping software company, created a series of short videos.  Using their mindmapping software, MindManager, they illustrate how mindmapping can help you accomplish the following:

  • Brainstorm and capture ideas
  • Enhance strategic thinking & planning
  • Set up & manage business processes
  • Draft communications
  • Present complex information
  • Create project plans & track progress
  • Manage meetings
  • Aggregate and manage content
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office

To see the videos and learn just how powerful mindmapping can be click here.