One Mindmapping Thought Leader Interviews Another

Chuck Frey, Mindmapping Thought Leader and creator of The Mind Mapping Software Blog recently interviewed Michael Tipper, Mindmapping Thought Leader and specialist in accelerated learning principles and techniques.

This is simply one of the best interviews on mindmapping you’ll ever read!  Michael Tipper REALLY understands the power of mindmapping.  

He understands that it’s about the results mindmapping can produce (both educational and business) that should be the focus, rather than mindmapping as this creative diagram with words, images and colors.

He puts it this way in the interview: “Millions of drills are sold to people every year who do not want a drill.  What they want is the hole and of course the drill is the route to that. But ultimately it is the hole they are after.  In other words, they don’t care about the tool as much as the benefit that the tool provides. It’s the same with mind mapping.”

You’ll have to read the interview to get the rest of his point.  I strongly encourage you to do so. 

Chuck Frey asks some great questions and Michael Tipper gives some great answers.  You’ll learn a lot about the power of mindmapping and how it can change your life.

Click here to read the Interview.


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2 Responses to “One Mindmapping Thought Leader Interviews Another”

  1. Michael Tipper Says:

    Hi Chance,

    Thank you very much for your kind words about the interview. Chuck asked some excellent questions and it was very enlightening to be interviewed by a peer who understands Mind Mapping.

    I do think it is important that we in the Mind Mapping Community step out from behind the tool itself and start educating the world on its benefits and be very clear that if something better comes along we’d start sharing that instead.

    For too long the drill has been the focus….let’s make more holes is what I say 🙂

    Great to connect with you.

    Regards and Best Wishes

    Michael Tipper

  2. Chance Brown Says:


    Thanks for the positive feedback. And yes, by all means, let’s make more holes!

    Great connecting with you. –Chance

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