McCain-Obama Mindmap: Helping You Decide Who to Vote For

The Presidential Election in November will be one of the most important in America’s history.  Barack Obama was nominated as the Democratic Presidential Nominee last week and John McCain will be nominated as the Republican Presidential Nominee this week. 

With all the convention speeches, television ads, and political talk shows it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of the campaigns.  

But given what is at stake for our country, it is important that we not pull the lever in November based solely on emotion.  It is important that we understand “what they will do” if elected.  That we understand their plans for America.

I’ve created a mindmap to help you decide which candidate to vote for.  All of the content and graphics for the mindmap come directly from their respective websites.  I have not added or deleted anything with respect to their policy positions.  It is taken verbatim from their websites.

This is a historic election for the 300 million citizens of the United States of America.  Whoever wins this election will shape our country and the world.  

Choose wisely.

To view the detailed policy positions for each candidate, click on the Notes icon next to each policy area. 

You will need to download the free MindManager Viewer 7 to make the Notes icons active.

Click here to download mindmap.

(click on image below to see the policies covered in the mindmap)


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8 Responses to “McCain-Obama Mindmap: Helping You Decide Who to Vote For”

  1. Stew Says:

    Great job on the map, but this is supposed to *help* us decide? How about something that strips through all the rhetoric? 🙂

  2. Chance Brown Says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I deliberately did not “strip through all the rhetoric” because I want people to experience the words and images directly from the candidate. I wanted to put the candidates side by side (in words and images they chose to represent themselves) and let people decide who they want for their next president. Unlike the newspaper or political talk show, everything in my map comes DIRECTLY from the candidate. What you see is how they want to be represented – because it comes directly from their website. There is no filter.

  3. Will Says:

    Wonderful job on the mind map!
    Very clean layout and I appreciate the impartial presentation of the candidates.

  4. Chance Brown Says:


    Thanks for the positive feedback! I appreciate it.

  5. Macnymph Says:

    Wow, this mindmap is pretty biased. You repeat McCain’s name on almost every entry, plus include details; while on Obama’s you do not.
    You really have to watch out for bias when posting stuff like this — and you didn’t.

  6. Chance Brown Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. However, I would disagree I was biased towards either candidate.

    As I said in my post, I took all the text verbatim from each Nominee’s website – including the titles of their policy positions. The McCain campaign felt the need to put “John McCain” in front of the titles of his various policy positions. While the Obama campaign did not see the need to do that.

    If I were to delete John McCain’s name from each of his policy positions and then someone went to his site and saw his name, wouldn’t that show bias on my part?

    Instead, what I tried to do here is present the campaigns as they present themselves. And hopefully you will (download the mindmap) click on the Notes Icon attached to each policy position and determine if what the nominee says in their title is in fact true in the details.

    John McCain’s website, for example, can use a title like “John McCain Will Provide Leadership for Effective International Efforts” but after reading the details you might decide that he doesn’t provide a clear explanation as to how he will do that. Or you might decide that he does.

    Further, it is my hope that you will also read Barack Obama’s “Renewing American Diplomacy “ and decide if his explanation backs up his claim.

    And after reading both determine who has the best International Policy.

    But for me to delete John McCain’s name from the titles of his policy positions because Barack Obama did not decide to put his name next each policy position would certainly suggest a bias on my part. So I changed nothing – for either nominee.

  7. Carlos R. Todd Says:


    I admire your courage and impartial presentation. This a a great post. Keep up the great work. Your ability to take real issues that affect our lives everyday and place them in simple to understand mindmaps is great for decision making tool. I look forward to more of this type of map. You may have a market out there for this type of mindmap that extends far beyond politics


  8. Chance Brown Says:


    Thanks for the encouraging words. I appreciate it. – Chance

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