NovaMind Launches New Mindmap Library: NovaMind Connect

Like and, Novamind has recently launched their own Mindmap Library called NovaMind Connect.

NovaMind Connect, in the words of NovaMind Founder Gideon King, “is a completely new and unique system for you to share your Mind Maps online.”

He goes on to say, “NovaMind Connect allows you to almost instantly take the Mind Map document that you have created in NovaMind and upload it directly from NovaMind to NovaMind Connect, where it is turned into a full HTML version of the document, where you can click on each Mind Map to view the detail of that Mind Map. From there you see all the branches of the Mind Map in expandable outline form, and you can navigate to each branch either by clicking it on the Mind Map, or in the outline.”

Additionally, NovaMind Connect has full international support built in, so you can upload your mindmaps  in any language.

I had an opportunity to take a look at the site and it is quite impressive.  

NovaMind has created a 2-minute Introductory video on the new site.  Click Here.


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One Response to “NovaMind Launches New Mindmap Library: NovaMind Connect”

  1. Anton Says:

    I just looked at NovaMind Connect – it’s seriously cool!

    Takes NovaMind where no other Mind Mapping program has gone before – with biggerplate, you need to install the Mind Manager viewer, and it’s missing a lot of the features like friends, and most importantly being able to search the text of any branch on any Mind Map on the system etc; and Mappio is basically an image/file upload service.

    NovaMind Connect makes the whole thing into a social networking system end to end, and has those crucial power features like searching, and the ability to use the outline tree of the Mind Map as well as going down to individual branches and seeing them drawn on the screen, as well as the comments system etc.

    Really impressed by this!


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