iBlueSky: Mindmapping on the iPhone Just Gets Better & Better

In a previous post I featured a mindmapping product for the iPhone called MindMaker.  Recently, I learned of a new mindmapping program for the iPhone called iBlueSky.  

iBlueSky has functionality that surpasses that of MindMaker.  That is probably why it costs a little more coming in at $7.99 instead of $4.99 for MindMaker.

But I must say that the extra $3 is worth it.  One criticism I had of MindMaker is that it did not take advantage of iPhone’s accelerometer which allows you create mindmaps in landscape mode.  Another criticism was not being able to e-mail your mindmaps.  Well, iBlueSky does both.  

Here’s a mindmap I created on my iPhone with iBlueSky and then e-mailed it to myself as a PDF:

(Click mindmap to enlarge)

The folks over at Tenero, creators of iBlueSky, have even created a YouTube video for the product.  Check it out:

If you are an experienced mindmapper or new to mindmapping and just want a creative way to capture your thoughts and ideas, this is a good buy.

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2 Responses to “iBlueSky: Mindmapping on the iPhone Just Gets Better & Better”

  1. TONY Says:

    Looks very interesting! Will have to check it out! Question–can I change the format from circles to squares or triangles or other?


  2. Chance Brown Says:


    I don’t see any functionality to change the circles to squares or triangles. When you click the plus sign (+) to add a new topic or subtopic it just defaults to a circle. But I’ve had conversations with the developers and they are quite responsive to feedback and they constantly thinking of ways to improve the app. So, I am sure they’re working on it.

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