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Cisco WebEx Achieves Business Results with Mindjet Mindmapping Software

July 5, 2008

For business executives in any business, before they use mindmapping they need one simple question answered: “How will this help me improve my bottom line?”

Stu Schmidt, Vice President for professional services at Cisco WebEx, is no different.  He asked how mindmapping could improve his bottom line and then developed a solution with Mindjet MindManager that showed it could. 

According to a business case study that focused on how WebEx incorporated MindManager into their business processes: “To WebEx’s professional services division, sales is the process of developing trust, demonstrating capability, and truly listening to the customer to learn about their needs – before developing a solution that produces business results.  WebEx uses MindJet MindManager at every step of the sales process – from the initial engagement, to inking the deal, to delivering the right solution.”

But before developing this mindmapping solution WebEx had a business challenge, according to the case study:

  • “To shorten sales cycles by ensuring that potential customers’ needs are captured accurately and correctly communicated to internal resources.”

With MindJet MindManager they developed a solution:

  • “WebEx uses MindManager to map clients’ needs before and after the sale to develop solutions that are on target in helping them solve their key challenges.”

And now they achieve specific business results:

  • “Improved customer engagement, shorter “time to trust”, and improved internal communications lead to significantly reduced sales cycles for this market leading company.”

In the 2-page case study you can learn more about how they:

  • Defined the common challenge of decreasing sales cycles and improving close rates
  • Improved sales process and customer collaboration
  • Created a requirements validation and customer sign off process

Here is their client facing MindManager mindmap used in all client engagements.  Click mindmap to enlarge:

Click here to read the 2-page case study.