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Jamie Nast Interview: Thoughts of a Mindmapping Thought Leader

August 27, 2008

In a previous post I wrote about a webcast featuring Jamie Nast, author and creator of the Idea Mapping Blog and Chuck Frey, author and creator of The Mind Mapping Software Blog.

Recently, Chuck Frey conducted an interview with Jamie Nast.  

Jamie Nast is one of the most prolific trainers and speakers on the topic of visual mapping. In this interview, she candidly explains why it’s critical that executives learn to express their ideas visually, using hand-drawn idea maps and mind mapping software, and the risks of not doing so.

This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

Click here for the Interview.


What is Mindmapping? More than you think

August 8, 2008

Take a look at my new page “What is Mindmapping?” under “About Me” (on the top right section of my blog).

I share some of my thoughts on mindmapping and how it’s truly becoming a multifaceted productivity tool.

I also share some great videos that explore the benefits of mindmapping.  


One Mindmapping Thought Leader Interviews Another

August 5, 2008

Chuck Frey, Mindmapping Thought Leader and creator of The Mind Mapping Software Blog recently interviewed Michael Tipper, Mindmapping Thought Leader and specialist in accelerated learning principles and techniques.

This is simply one of the best interviews on mindmapping you’ll ever read!  Michael Tipper REALLY understands the power of mindmapping.  

He understands that it’s about the results mindmapping can produce (both educational and business) that should be the focus, rather than mindmapping as this creative diagram with words, images and colors.

He puts it this way in the interview: “Millions of drills are sold to people every year who do not want a drill.  What they want is the hole and of course the drill is the route to that. But ultimately it is the hole they are after.  In other words, they don’t care about the tool as much as the benefit that the tool provides. It’s the same with mind mapping.”

You’ll have to read the interview to get the rest of his point.  I strongly encourage you to do so. 

Chuck Frey asks some great questions and Michael Tipper gives some great answers.  You’ll learn a lot about the power of mindmapping and how it can change your life.

Click here to read the Interview.

NovaMind Presenter: The Alternative to PowerPoint

August 1, 2008

There are a number of mindmapping software applications with presentation mode functionality.  But there are none better than NovaMind Presenter.  The “presenting experience” in NovaMind is quite revolutionary.  And clearly an alternative to PowerPoint.

Gideon King, Founder of NovaMind (a major mindmapping software company) has created tutorials for Mac and Windows to show you how to use Novamind Presenter.  

But before I give you those tutorial links, you have to see NovaMind Presenter in action!

Here is Gideon King giving a presentation with NovaMind Presenter on “How to Grow Your Business Using Mindmapping”:

How to Grow Your Business Using Mindmapping by Gideon King  

(1 of 3 videos):

How to Grow Your Business Using Mindmapping by Gideon King  

(2 of 3 videos):

How to Grow Your Business Using Mindmapping by Gideon King  

(3 of 3 videos):

Here are the two tutorial links to show you how to use NovaMind Presenter:

NovaMind Presenter Tutorial (Mac): Click Here.

Novamind Presenter Tutorial (Windows): Click Here.

A Mindmap for Weighing the Pros and Cons of Any Decision

July 30, 2008

We all have to make decisions everyday.  Weighing the pros and cons of those decisions can be very difficult at times.

To help make the process easier, Mindjet has created a mindmap template that helps you more effectively identify the right solution.  It helps you sort through the pros and cons of any decision. 

I’ve personally found this template to be very useful.  There is nothing like seeing your pros and cons side by side. 

Here’s the template for your review:

(Click on mindmap to enlarge)

If you are interested in downloading and using this template, download it from the Mindjet website.   Click here to download.

The Questioning Mindmap: How Do You Frame Your Challenges?

July 12, 2008

In a recent post, I talked about the great work that Adam Sicinski is doing over at Study Matrix Blog.  I highlighted one of his mindmaps called “Strategic Questioning”. 

His point about strategic questioning is so important that I decided to create my own mindmap on the subject.

So how do you frame your challenges?  When something happens what do you say to yourself?  Do you say things that help you solve the problem or do you say things that make you less able to solve the problem?

Ultimately, it is not about the challenges we face –  it is about how we respond to the challenges we face.  

The event (whatever has happened) is the event.  What the event means to us is what really matters.  And it is the questions we ask ourselves that shape what the event means.  And more importantly what we’re going to do about it.

So, I offer you this mindmap to help you stay mindful of the questions you ask yourself when something happens.  Some questions empower and help you find a solution. Others disempower and make you a victim of circumstance.  Choose wisely.

Click on the mindmap to enlarge:

You might want to print this out and keep it with you for the next time you face a challenge.  

The MindManager file (.mmap) for this mindmap is available for download at  You will need MindManager Pro 7, MindManager 7 for Mac or MindManager Viewer 7 to download the file.  

Click here to download mindmap.