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Let’s Expand the Use of Mindmapping!

October 14, 2008

Vic Gee, author of the Blog, has put forth a very interesting proposition to those interested in mindmapping: Give him your thoughts on how to expand the use of mindmapping and if you’re creative enough you could win a free license of Buzan’s iMindMap software.

All you have to do is write a post or provide a mindmap on his blog no later than October 3, 2008.

As he puts it, the objective is to put forth an idea that helps “…achieve exponential growth in the numbers of people doing mind mapping.  This needs an idea that will motivate committed visual information mappers and at the same time can leverage the whole mind mapping community to get the word out, explain, demonstrate, tell stories, show all different styles of maps, all uses.

I’ll be entering a mindmap into Vic’s contest.  I hope you plan to do the same.  Click here to enter your post.