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Being Productive in the Workplace: Understanding a Performance System

June 11, 2008

To be productive in the workplace there are a number of factors that contribute to an employee’s performance.  Robert Brinkerhoff, author and world-renowned expert in training effectiveness and evaluation, in his book “High Impact Learning: Strategies for Leveraging Business Results from Training” , points out that the levers for effective performance depend on seven factors: 1) Direction, 2) Personal Capacity, 3) Motivators, 4) Work Design, 5) Information, 6) Performance Feedback, and 7) Resources.

The mindmap below details the key components associated with these factors.  Click on mindmap for full view:

What is helpful about this mindmap is that it gives you a clear visual to assess the weak and strong areas in your organization.  If an employee is performing poorly, it is probably directly related to one these factors.  Knowing which area and factor enables you to appropriately address it.