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MindManager Pro and JCVGantt: Project Management at its Best

July 23, 2008

If you are looking for a way to creatively and dynamically manage your projects then you need to get MindManager Pro 7 and JCVGantt Pro 3.

These two applications made by Mindjet give you the creativity of mindmapping software and the structured output of traditional project management software.

Here’s how it works: You create all the major project tasks and subtasks with timeframes in MindManager. Then you simply click the “Show JCVGantt” button. And just like that, all of your project data appears in JCVGantt, a project management software tool.

You can toggle back and forth between your mindmap and the JCVGantt view. The programs are also linked so anything you change on the JCVGantt view is automatically updated on your mindmap!

Here’s a graphical view of the steps:

Step 1: Create your mindmap with project tasks and dates:

(Click image to enlarge)

Step 2: Click “Show JCVGantt” button to transform your mindmap data into a JCVGantt project view:

(Click image to enlarge)

Step: 3: If Microsoft Project is your project management software of choice, you only have to click one button:

…and your mindmap project data is imported into Microsoft Project:

(Click image to enlarge)

Now you can finally leverage the power of mindmapping AND traditional project management. THANK YOU MINDJET!


Chuck Frey’s New Research & Reports Page for Mindmapping Software

July 13, 2008

Chuck Frey, Mindmapping Thought Leader and Creator of the The Mind Mapping Software Blog recently launched a Research and Reports Page on his site.

As part of his ongoing commitment to growing the global base of knowledge about mindmapping software, he has created this information rich resource on mindmapping.  He does a fabulous job of providing you with mindmapping information from a variety of perspectives.

The resources below are currently available on his site:


Web-based mind mapping applications
This survey reveals how people are utilizing these tools and sheds light on the advantages, disadvantages and future potential of this exciting new technology.

Benefits of mind mapping software
This survey reveals how users got started with mind mapping software, and the biggest benefit they’re getting from it. It also explores how people are utilizing it for collaboration, and how they are exporting and sharing their maps with others.

Applications of mind mapping software
This survey shows what applications people are utilizing mind mapping software for, how it specifically benefits them and quantifies the productivity increases they are enjoying as a result of making mind mapping software part of their workflow.


8 Ways to Improve Your Mind Maps

10 Mistakes to Avoid with Mind Mapping Software


Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software
Tips and best practices for current users of mind mapping software. This popular reference guide will help you to take your visual mapping skills to the next level!

The Mind Mapping Manifesto
Overloaded with projects, e-mails, documents and the other flotsam and jetsam of being a knowledge worker? The secret to higher productivity and less stress can be found in today’s powerful mind mapping software, which can help you to get more done, make better decisions, manage projects more effectively and reach clarity faster on key issues. This e-book explains how.

To get these resources, click here.

Mindjet Mindmapping Templates: Helping You Get Started

July 9, 2008

If you are new to mindmapping you might find it challenging getting started once you’ve purchased your mindmapping software. 

Fortunately there are a wide range of mindmapping templates that can help.

Mindjet, the maker of MindManager, has a wide range of business, educational, and personal productivity templates that you can adapt to your needs.  

These templates are great because they give you ideas about what’s possible with mindmapping.  They also help you speed up the mindmap creation process –  so you can start increasing productivity immediately.

Here are some of the templates that Mindjet offers on their site for download:

Project Management:

Process Improvement:


Strategic Planning:


Student Productivity:

Teacher Productivity:

To download these templates and start using them immediately with MindManager Pro 7 for Windows or MindManager 7 for Mac, click here.

Company secures $43.5 Million Dollar Contract using NovaMind Mindmapping Software

July 6, 2008

If there was any doubt that you could use mindmapping to secure major funding for a huge multifaceted project – that was put to rest when a company in England using NovaMind mindmapping software out-bid 312 competitors to be one of only 3 to receive funding for a major urban regeneration project.

Gideon King, Mindmapping Thought Leader and Founder of NovaMind, a major mindmapping software company, explains it this way: “This is a fascinating story because of the use of Mind Mapping in a very complex real world situation with a lot of people involved. It amply demonstrates the massive advantage you have when using NovaMind within your business.”

Using NovaMind, the business was able to out bid all others to win “…a multifaceted project with social, cultural, scientific, artistic, engineering, environmental and architectural dimensions.” 

To show you just how this was done, Gideon King, in an article on the project “…illustrates this by showing you through the Mind Maps that were created, as well as photos taken during the design process, sketches of the designs, and computer models of the finished project.”

Here are a few of the mindmaps that were created during the project:

Click on the mindmaps to enlarge:

To watch a video and download an article on the project click here.

Mindjet: The Industry Leader for Business Mindmapping

June 19, 2008

MindJet, the maker of MindManager Pro 7 and MindManager 7 for Mac, is clearly the industry leader when it comes to business mindmapping.  They have over one million licenses of MindManager software used globally by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies and more  than 50 percent of Global 2000 organizations.  To see a list of company case studies, click here.

Recently, Mindjet launched Mindjet Connect which allows users to collaborate on mindmaps.  As they state on their site, it is “a flexible, secure online environment where anyone from virtually anywhere can work together.”

I am personally a BIG fan of MindManager.  I use it everyday at work and in my personal life.  The tool is extremely flexible.  And once you see how easy it is to create a mindmap dashboard on your computer for all your important files, projects, websites, and links to other mindmaps –  you’ll never manage information the same way again!  I use MindManager Pro 7 for Windows at work and MindManager 7 for Mac at home (and yes, MindManager files from one operating system work on the other).  

In a world where information overload is increasingly becoming a problem for all of us, this tool allows you to capture, organize, and reuse information in ways that work for you.  It enables you to be a master of information – no matter how complex or detailed that information may be.  

MindManager allows you to see the high level relationships and drill down on the details with ease.

And for those of you who like outlines, any MindManager map can be quickly converted to an outline that can be exported to Word in literally two clicks!

On their site, Mindjet illustrates how people are using MindManager today:

Every once in a while there comes a “game changing” software application for business.  MindManager is such an application.  And once you see how useful it is at work, you’ll find yourself using it for your personal life too!