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The Mindmapping of Adam Sicinski: Mindmapping as an Art Form

July 7, 2008

Recently I was exposed to the mindmapping of Adam Sicinski.  I have to tell you that Adam’s mindmapping is more than mindmapping – it is art.  Adam reached out to me via the MindManager Enthusiasts Network.  And I am glad that he did.

An objective of this blog, in addition to business and education mindmapping, is mindmapping that helps you in your everyday life.  

The Mindmapping of Adam Sicinski certainly does that.  You can look at his mindmaps for hours and learn all kinds of things.

One mindmap that I found particularly powerful was his mindmap entitled “Strategic Questioning”.  

Click on the mindmap to enlarge:

I firmly believe that it is the questions we ask ourselves that largely determine the trajectory of our lives.

For example, you could say “Why do I have such rotten luck?” or you could say “How can I successfully overcome this?”  Both are questions.  

But the former keeps you where you are and limits your possibilities.  Whereas the latter expands your thinking and drives you to find a solution.

So questions are powerful and we must be careful of the questions we ask ourselves.  Adam covers both the “weak” and “strong” questions on his mindmap.  I encourage you to download this and other mindmaps from his site.

To download PDF versions of his mindmaps click here.


The Many Uses of Mindmapping: Mindjet’s Interactive Videos

July 1, 2008

You ever heard of the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Mindmapping is a lot like that.  Many people don’t know what mindmapping is.  And those who do know often don’t know what it can do for them personally (at home or work).  

To help provide more clarity on what mindmapping can do for you, Mindjet, a leading mindmapping software company, created a series of short videos.  Using their mindmapping software, MindManager, they illustrate how mindmapping can help you accomplish the following:

  • Brainstorm and capture ideas
  • Enhance strategic thinking & planning
  • Set up & manage business processes
  • Draft communications
  • Present complex information
  • Create project plans & track progress
  • Manage meetings
  • Aggregate and manage content
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office

To see the videos and learn just how powerful mindmapping can be click here.